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No Ads for Doctors

Tuesday 16 May 2017 at 07:16 am.

Several professionals are not allowed to advertize their services and one of them are those in the medical profession.  The reason behind it is they cannot guarantee that their services will not fail or will need further consultations.  Except probably for common illnesses like the common cold, will they be able to assure treatment.  However, even the common cold depends on ones’ reaction to a treatment.  There are people that can be allergic to medications that can prevent quick relief or cure.

medical website design company can help doctors inform the public of their success rate in the treatment of common illnesses.  Their ways in treating a patient can have more to it than what other doctors advice or prescribe.


It is known that all medications may not necessarily be compatible to all people.  Simply put, there are some people who cannot tolerate even by just swallowing a pill or tablet.  Other forms of medication such as syrups or injectables can prove to be costly.  There are some physicians though that are aware of it and have their own way of addressing the problem.  One good example is crushing or pulverizing a tablet that can be mixed with food or a drink.

Many, if not most, medications have contra-indications.  There are quite a number of patients who do not get well because they deny taking in something contra-indicated with a medication.   Others yet stop taking medications once they feel better.

Initial consultation

An initial consultation with a doctor often involves inquiry on the health history of a patient and relatives.  It is important for doctors to know a patient’s background on health to know if they have hereditary traits that can cause the problems.  There are also some people who have developed resistance to some medications.

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