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Monday 17 July 2017 at 08:16 am.

If you are looking to be hooked on something you don’t need to think of something bad. All you need is a gadget and you’re all set. Welcome to the world of addictive mobile games that will surely take away your stress and take off your mind and bring you to a mental place that is fun. Get your mobile devices ready and download the following.

The Everwing Fever

Who is not into Facebook-ing nowadays? You probably cannot more than 20 people of your acquaintance who does not have Facebook account. There is more to Facebook than just browsing timeline. In the message chat box you can choose the game Everwing. It operates under the concept of what the Minecraft server creator has created in a sense that it allows a multiplayer game. This game does not involve complex strategies. It’s a classic kill the monster game that any person of any age will love.

The Complex Game of Minecraft

What the Minecraft server creator has created launched a worldwide phenomenon. If you want a game that is challenging and involves playing with other people online then Minecraft is the game for you. What is good about this game is that the Minecraft server creator has created a system where you can get a lot of freebies and points. The challenge there is configuring your mobile device and choosing the right Minecraft server.

Exploring Places with Pokemon Go

Gamers of all ages went gaga over Pokemon Go. In fact this game has revived a dying franchise. People around the world created tournaments just for this. It even gave businesses a marketing strategy for people to come visit their shop. Even if its popularity has wane out a bit, it’s still a popular mobile device game that you can download.

Hurry up and download these fantastic games.