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Wednesday 17 May 2017 at 06:35 am.

If you plan to apply for a loan, it may be beneficial if you first have the option to determine the terms offered by the different lenders. Compare different consumer loans here on Loan Info, to see which one gives you the best terms. Keep in mind that the final offer you will not get before the companies have made a credit check, so that you may pay off at multiple providers at the same time as no offers are binding until you accept the terms. You will find the minimum age required to apply for consumer loans in front of each lender. More information on Lån med medsøker on Lånmedmedsøker.no.

Santander Bank, 25 Years - Consumer Loans from Santander Bank - Consumer Loans from $ 30,000 to 350,000. Simple and non-binding application form. One of Norway's largest providers of consumer loans. Loaneks: Eff. Interest 16.33%, kr 65,000 o / 5 years, etabl.geb 0 Tot. NOK 93 244

Telefinans, 23 Years-Loans For People Most! With the Folk loan up to 350,000 kr. Can you spend the money tul what you want! Ex: 65000 o / 5 years, 19.74%, etb 950. Until: 99348.

Bank Norwegian, 20 years- Consumer loans from Bank Norwegian. Online application and response right away. Loans up to 500,000 with interest from 9.59%! Search now! Example: 65k o / 5 years, 17.8%, etb 950 Until: 95872kr

Online 24, 25 years - Online24 loan: Consumer loans from 10,000 - 250,000 without security requirements. (Eff. Interest 19.74%, 65.000, o / 5year, establishment fee. 950, - Total: 99,350)

Up Finance, 21 Years - Do you need to clean up the economy? Loans up to SEK 350,000 at OPP Finance - 65k o / 5year, 17% Up to: 94,478 Ethb825

Thorn, 20 years- Loan up to 50,000 kr. At Thorn! Example: Eff. Interest 15.13%, 25.000, -, o / 5 years, etabler.geb. 695, -, Total: 35,008, -

In most cases it holds a fixed income and a stable economy to get the loan granted. However, some lenders demand that you have an income of over 120 to 200,000 kroner to approve your application. More information about this can be found on each loan application. Compare Norwegian Consumer Loans with Loan Info, we keep track of lenders updated.

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