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Basic Information About Joining USI Tech

Monday 20 November 2017 at 05:39 am.

Automated Forex software emphasizing customer relation and unique digital asset investment strategies are among the specialty of a high tech trading company usi tec. The company has been known to generate substantial daily revenue from their trademarked trading software for quite a few years.

USI Tech initial platform includes foreign exchange trading for those who are longing to earn a passive income without netting of dealing knowledge and experience. March of this year, USI Tech has been creating noise to bitcoin community for providing a low-level entry point in investing bitcoins into USI Tech bitcoin trading and mining cryptocurrency networks.

 What Makes USI Tech Investment Differen

USI tech is barely different from the other automatic currency podiums. USI tech uses automated trading with multilevel network marketing company and it has a lot of affiliations. USI tech users are guaranteed to earn bitcoin in each of their investments and can earn a reward of as much as 12 levels deep for referring new customers to join and invest more in bitcoin. The company has displayed a very stable and consistent record for paying commissions every day on designated and expected time.  

Making Money with USI Tech

The USI tech compensation rewards program is not hard to understand. There is no other offer from this company aside from their Forex trading software and BTC Packages. Therefore the primary service rendered is their automated trading software and making money through the structure of commission, it also allows to make money by referrals or recruiting other members to join USI tech business scheme.

USI tech normally provided 35% commission diagonally in 12 levels. The more people that you can recruit under you the more money you can earn.

Another way of making money in USI Tech is by boosting people under you to process trades through the use of USI tech software. This software will charge a brokerage fee, a partition of that fee will be sent to you and the rest will be spread throughout the network.

Joining United Software Intellige

It is a business opportunity as advertised by USI Tech. The fee for joining is €600 that will give you a software license. Once you have joined USI tech, you can earn €120 commission per affiliate.

Meanwhile, a brokerage fee will be charged if you decided to use the USI Tech Software. 25% of the brokerage fee will be paid to the recruiter and the remaining 75% of the see will be divided into 12 payments and distributed to every 3 by 12 matrix.

You can also join USI Tech for free, is actually one of the greatest advantages of joining the organization. This will give you a lower risk and can let you start with a small package as low as €50. There are also no required membership fees to maintain your account and opportunity as active.

Collecting your Commissions

In order to withdraw your commission from USI Tech is to create a bitcoin (BTC) wallet. In this wallet, you can have an access to your daily earnings and withdrawals inside the USI Tech back office.

The commission will accumulate daily inside the back office and you will have the preference to buy an additional package with the use of your accumulated bitcoin balance. 2% transaction fee for every withdrawal will be charged if you decide to take cash out of your USI Tech back office account.